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Fraud done by deduction of charges by idea cellular representative/ officials

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Fraud done by deduction of charges by idea cellular representative/ officials

Post  COMPLAINT_BOT on Thu May 31, 2012 10:33 pm

Dear Sir/ Madam, My mobile number (09904340676/ IDEA CELLULAR SERVICES) has been subscribed for caller tune for last some months for which the charges are deducted regularly. Just now the subscription was getting over on 24th may 2012. for which i received the Sms on 21st may 2012. The charges for caller tune where deducted from my balance ammount on 24th may 2012 which was Rs 15/- for 90 days for which the intimation was given via sms. Then after another Sms arrived saying that my subscription has been deactivated on 25th may 2012 via Sms, on the same day 25th may 2012 another Sms was shortly received saying that the subscription has been activated and the amount deducted is Rs 249/- for 365 days without any intimation or request from the representative. The deduction of Rs 15/- is not a problem because thats a official deduction periodically. But the deduction of Rs 249/- from the balance is seriously a fraudulant action for which the complaint was done on the customer care, and the complaint number is SR.No. 1-24450809204. The representative clearly and shamelessly said that there is no policy of return of ammount, you will get the scheme for which the ammount is deducted no matter whether you like it or not. These is a fraud conducted knowingly, and i would like to take action against the idea cellular service from the consumer court and also would like to frame the charges against those representative who are responsible of do it. I would prefer to locate the computer on which these deduction was done and also would like to know the name of the person involved in such cheating ( normally cellular company perform these kinda deduction in numerous ways and excuses, for which they get benefitted in big ammount when the users who suffer such deduction are in big numbers). Individually sometime its not a big ammount but when you multiply it with number of users who are covered under such fraud deduction, the ammount can ammount from some hundred to lakhs with huge mobile users. The Action has to be taken to stop such fraudulant actions done by the mobile cellular providers and criminal charges of fraud has to be framed on the representative / officials responsible on behalf of the company. Still no appropriate action has been taken from the cellular company regarding the same.
Thanking you,
Ashish Patel


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