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Post  COMPLAINT_BOT on Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:36 pm

From: Vincent Peter []
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 8:07 AM
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I am writing this email with great disappointment and a lot of grief.

This is regarding my Fiat Linea (MH12FY9312) which unfortunately was met by an accident in March 2012 and the experience (pain & misery are right words) that I went through in getting my car back.

The accident took place on 14 March and it had involved 4 cars which got hit front and back (multi shunt accident). My car was the last in the pack, hence only frontal damage. We were not driving at more than 40 kmph, but unfortunately the front cars braked at the last minute and I had to hit the car in front as it came to a standstill on the spot.

I called up Bajaj Alliance (my insurance company) and was advised to take it to Pandit Auto at Sahakar nagar (this is 30 KM away from my home and 18 KM away from my office). I didn’t realize then what a pain it will be, but the fact that I will get a cashless claim done was a priority on my mind.

I took the car the very next day at 11 am and had to wait for several hours before I was able to get hold of someone who will take over my car, do paperwork and explain me the process. I was then met by Amir, who was being given the responsibility to fix my car. He made a job card and on the job card, he conveniently crossed all sides of the car showing damages. When I questioned him, at that point he said well there are very minor scratches everywhere, hence he is doing so. I thought this was a routine and did not object any further (though my car was in top condition, leaving the frontal side which was damaged [have pictures and witnesses who will pledge my car condition was top class]).

I was informed that they cannot open the car up, hence the extent of internal damage to the car would not be assessed till a surveyor comes and takes a look at the car and only in his presence the car will be open.

This was a beginning of a new era of frustration and disgust, as I tried co-ordinate between the engineer and the surveyor (Gajanan). After a few days the surveyor managed to get to the site and the car was finally opened. I was still not told total cost of damage and my share but permission was taken (in writing) to open the car. Later I was told that there may be compressor or AC unit damage and need to be tested. I said fine and this testing took couple of weeks.

It’s mid April and I was told that the airbag sensors of the car may be damaged and the seat belt (both driver and passenger side) were locked, hence they need to be tested to see if this needs replacement. I was given no quote again as compressor, airbag sensor and seat belt testing was pending. All this information was made available by not proactively calling me, but only when my call got connected and that too after several attempts, I would get hold of Amir on this (after every 10 calls, one call he would answer. Please note he NEVER called me back or called me proactively to give an update. It was always me who was chasing him).

I was told that the sensor testing cannot take place at Sahakar Nagar service centre, as the testing equipment is not there and needs to be taken elsewhere (Tilak Road centre). I informed Amir that I will be traveling aborad from end of April and coming back by 2nd May and at that time he assured me that the car will be done and delivered. This is just about a month of not having a car in a city like Pune where there is absolutely no reliable mode of public transportation.

On my return on 2nd May, I called Amir to get a status on my car delivery (he obviously answered after the 5th attempt I made). He mentioned that my cars sensors are yet to be tested. I was furious; I asked him that this was due two weeks ago, so what happened? For that he replied that the head lights are not fixed yet and hence he cannot take it out on the road, to take it to the other service centre. I was so disheartened to hear this. I asked him when the front lights will be fixed, he mentioned that Fiat always has spare parts problem so he can’t say and he will check with the store manager. This opened another mode of communication as I had to talk daily with Asfaq, the store manager and provide updates to Amir and Gajanan (the surveyor). IS THIS MY JOB TO COORDINATE?

Please note that at this point it is over a Month and a half and I still have no clue about how much it will cost me. And quite frankly I had no other option but to get the repairs done at Pandit Auto ONLY (though I was getting very tempted to take my car away).

A few weeks later I got a confirmation that the sensors needed to be changed and the seat belts as well (which made my share enormously high). I said fine; just give my car back (I almost pleaded). This is when I was told that the compressor and other AC unit needed to be changed and those parts have been changed by Fiat. Hence we will need to put a modification approval to FIAT to approve it. I followed up daily for 2 weeks and the same status was given to me over and over again (I am still talking to all three separately- Asfaq on modification approval, Amir on car delivery and Gajanan for my repair cost and my share). I was told that if approval is not received they will have to add it to the repair cost and I will have to pick it up (the 50% that applies). So I decided to keep shut and continue to wait.

Third week of May, I called Amir and I asked him to give my car, for which he said let’s wait two more days if no reply is received Pandit will pick up the cost and give my car back. This is when I was shared with the actual repair cost and my share amount (17 May 2012). It was confirmed to me on 18 May that I can take the delivery of my car on Saturday 19 May 2012. I was happy that at least I was getting my car back. I was told I can come and take delivery anytime between 1 and 5 pm. I showed up at the service centre at 4:00 pm and it took several minutes to locate Amir and for him to attend to me. I was then showed the file and asked to do the payment, by then I was told my car is getting washed. I did the payment of my share, which was INR 33297/- paid through credit card.
When I went to take my car, I was shocked. It was in such a mess and ruined state. It had several scratches on the entire body on all the sides. Deep scratches, stone marks (small stones flown and hitting car marks), small dents all over. When I asked Amir, he said there is no space in the service centre and hence many cars are kept out on the road. My car was out in the summer heat on the road for TWO FULL MONTHS. The state my car was in made me cry. To ruin my happiness completely, I saw that the bonnet and the bumper which were replaced were only painted and not polished (the surface was rough and not polished). I brought to Amir’s notice and he instructed someone to do a hand polish (who I felt was a complete rookie and had no clue on polishing or doing such stuff). It was close to 5:30 pm and I was still waiting as this person was trying to cut corners and kept telling me every 5 minutes that is this enough. Obviously the car was looking ugly as it was not looking polished (or even colored). I could feel the hard surface. In my effort to show him an area that he missed, I observed something which blew my mind away. There was a crack on the bumper, just under the right side head light. I saw that and I said COME ON… IS THIS FOR REAL? THIS ESTEEMED COMPANY (and I mean both TATA and FIAT) is about to give me a car with a cracked bumper? I thought it was just a bad nightmare, but it wasn’t. I am glad I saw it there and if I would’ve driven my car away and came back (even after 5 minutes), everyone would have refused to accept that it was their fault.

I showed it to Amir and he in turn went and told it to the manager. They assured me that they will replace the bumper at no extra cost (like I was ready to pay extra cost) and I can come any time after 21 May. I requested if it can be done same day (as I stay 30 KM away), however they said it’s too late and Sunday is a holiday, so either I can leave my car or get it later. I was sure not leaving my car there ever again. So I took the car home and requested if the bumper can be made ready and I will get back on 26 May (which was a Saturday and my work off day) and get the bumper fixed with minimum time at the service centre.

I went back there on 26 May and my bumper was fixed (as promised) in 2 hours. I just waited at the lounge (so called lounge). Post the bumper was fixed; car was washed and handed over to me to be taken away. As I started to drive the car, I saw a light that came on. I called up Amir again and showed it to him, who showed it to a technician. There was a tail light bulb which for some reason stopped functioning and was changed. I realized that the KM reading was blinking (something which was not happening when I gave my car for repair on 15 March 2012. I was told by Amir that I will have to take my car to Tilak road Pandit Auto and get it fixed there. All he did was gave me a landline number, which no one has answered will date, leave alone that day. I called up Amir again and he said just show it during your regular servicing and they will fix it (which is due in July/August). I said ok and drove off. So it took more than 2 months to get my car fixed and get it back in the shape it was in (15 March 2012 – 26 May 2012).

Even after all this I was positive that at least I got my car back. Though I spent a lot of money (which frankly I doubt what all got changed and the charges), I still have this beautiful car that I love. The accident happened due to no fault of mine, plus the money I spent (INR 33k), plus not having a car in a city like Pune and daily commuting by auto rickshaw, which was very costly affair, I had to do a 3M treatment for my car costing INR 4k to get rid of small scratches (however deep scratches still exist)… I was ready to put it behind me and move on.

But I am unable to move on. On 5th June, when it first started to drizzle, I realized that my car vipers were not working. I had to take it to a garage to show it and they said the wiring done on the car was all wrong. The rear power windows were not working as well. The left rear one had stopped working and the right rear one was reversed (if I press the button for down, it goes up and vice versa). I called up Amir and he didn’t answer my phone. I had to request the garage guy to fix only the vipers as they were charging me more than INR 1200/- to fix everything. I paid INR 300/- for the vipers and drove off. I kept calling Amir to discuss the issue with him and seek advise, he never picked up the phone or called back. On 6th June I realized that my Blue and Me is also not working. It is not detecting my phone which was paired earlier. I tried to pair it again, it got paired but not able to hear any calls. It gets connected, but I can’t hear the person through speakers and nor I am able to talk handsfree. I have to disconnect blue and me and talk on the handset.

My heart is completely broken. I unfortunately had to travel to Europe from 9th June and have returned yesterday, 25th June. I am still finding flaws in my car daily.

So here I am, who has gone through an accident (with no fault of mine), paid INR 33k, stayed without a car for more than 2 months, wasted a lot of money on rickshaw on daily commute (if you are aware about Pune transportation system, you will empathize with me), fully co-ordinated this repair work, spending INR 4000 for the 3M body treatment and finally got my car with flaws.

By now you would have known the level of frustration and torture I have gone through because of the service that your company has provided me. When I bought the car, the promise that was made around quality of service that will be provided was a clear lie and eye wash.

I love the car, and that was the only thing which made me not select a Honda City or any other car, but obviously in time I have been proven wrong. I feel like a fool to have rejected Honda City or a Toyota/Hyundai car.

Moreover, I had convinced my three friends into buying Punto and Manza (2 Punto and 1 Manza cars) in the last 2 years. Who God forbid have to go through this experience will break all ties with me.

I am a very busy man and to write this email meant to spend a lot of time out of my working schedule. However, I wanted to vent my frustration and bring it to your notice of what I have been through in the last 3 months.

I am trying desperately hard to sell this car now, but as you would be aware, no one wants to buy a Fiat car; for the reasons you would find very clear in my email.

Going forward, not only I am going to stop recommending FIAT and TATA cars/products to my family (close and extended), friends (and their friends), colleagues (and people they know) and anyone else (even strangers), but will also ensure as many people get to know about my experience so they stay as far away possible from these two brands.

My service for Fiat Linea is due in July/August and if I am being told that the KM reading is blinking, electrical problem or any other issue is because of some fault and a part needs to be replaced and I will be charged, I will go to consumer court on this one. Not to mention I will make sure I put a PAID article in newspapers as well.

My blind love for this car has got me into this trouble and I sincerely hope I will never ever be associated with a FIAT or a TATA brand.

Thanks for nothing.

Vincent Peter


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